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We are redefining blockchain technology, pioneering passive income with node projects, and changing the digital landscape with a ground breaking NFT Marketplace. It all starts here at Redlight Finance.







Our Story

Redlight Finance started out from humble beginnings. We began as a cryptocurrency
promotional/discussion group on telegram, and soon thereafter branched out into
our first team project, Redlight Node District. Redlight Node District is a
NaaS/DaaS hybrid node project which helped to fund our own blockchain, Redlight
Coin (REDLC). 

Everyday with the help of our investors our story continues to live on…


Our Mission

To provide a bridge between the real world and web3 through blockchain technology. 

How will we achieve this? The gasless blockchain we have developed allows us to provide use case for the traditional cryptocurrency investor with the integration of smart contracts. On top of this, with there being no gas fee on transactions, we believe this will allow the traditional businesses that require large databases of private information (e.g hospitals, financial institutions) to securely transition into web3. 


Looking to buy REDLC? This video will go over the steps to buy in 90 seconds.

Buying REDLC is a simple process that can be done via any of the exchanges we are currently listed on. A list of the available exchanges can be found below and is always growing! $REDLC is not only a safe and secure cryptocurrency, but also allows users to interact with other projects on the Redlight Blockchain such as Scarlet Chains.

Will you sit on the sidelines? Or will you be a part of the chain that changes everything…

Exchange Listings

Looking to buy $REDLC? You can find $REDLC at any one of the exchanges below:


Meet our Team



Better known to the masses as Indiana Gems, Leo came from a successful IT background in systems engineering. For the past five years he has consistently loved hunting for ICO gems with a HODL first mentality. Leo switched up his life when he started his own labour hire business in charge of about 100+ employees while staying up-to-date on crypto as a part time hobby and supporting his long-term projects. Recently, Leo successfully launched Redlight Token District – a discussion/calls group to impart his knowledge of crypto and gather a great group of fellow investors to discuss projects and investment strategies.



Starting at an early age Alex had a high aptitude for computers and programming. Alex has been working on the blockchain for 6 years after falling in love with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and what Crypto currency stands for. Graduating from M.I.T. in 2021 his vision and passion is to create a multifunctional platform not only for people to invest, but most importantly enjoy.



Bailey, also known as Shero, is from the land down under. Holding business and marketing qualifications, Bailey uses his knowledge to help manage successful drop-ship marketing projects. He also owns his own social media management agency. One of the highlights so far in Bailey’s career is managing multiple million+ follower social media pages, each he helped to grow organically and exponentially. Considering his experience in the crypto space (with an expertise in NFTs) over the past couple years in combination with his past marketing achievements, we believe Bailey is the perfect fit to manage our marketing campaigns.



Rory, otherwise known as RED, is a New Zealander residing in Australia that has been involved in the crypto world for the past 3 years. By chance he met Leo at the start of 2021 and has been learning more about the different blockchains ever since. In the real world, Rory has been a professional sales consultant for several multi-million dollar companies over the past decade, which is a skill he will be bringing to the team. On top of sales, Rory has experience in management, and a wealth of knowledge in the corporate world which makes Rory the perfect fit as our Chief Operating Officer.



Joe has in excess of 35 years of experience in dealing with business and taxation advice. Having a wealth of experience in tax structures, and specializing in a range of industries including construction, property development, food and beverage, import/export, gaming, wholesale, retail and professional services. The years of experience have developed some strong relationships in the legal world. All of this experience helps to establish a link between the traditional business world and the Crypto world, ensuring that Redlight Finance can become a brand of choice.

Redlight Finance Roadmap

We are currently on Phase 3

Phase 1

Redlight Token District

Launch of our promotional group Redlight Token District on Telegram. Begin planning phase for Redlight Node District.

Phase 2

Redlight Node District

Launch of Redlight Node District on Avalanche Blockchain. This includes the launch of our own NFT’s and the Redlight Trust. 



Phase 3

Redlight Chain Launch

Launch of our own gasless Layer 1 Blockchain, REDLC. This includes the simultaneous launch of our own DEX and NFT Marketplace.

(This is the current phase)

Phase 4

What’s Upcoming

The new and improved Twilight Trust, Multi-chain Launchpad, and ‘Dusk’ our P2E game.

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Redlight Finance continues to build meaningful partnerships to bridge the gap between businesses and DeFi




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